Hey guys! Please enjoy a guest page this week from Locke and Caroline, the team behind the fantastic webcomic, Bang & Burn! They were kind enough to do a trade with me for guest pages this year (here’s mine, affording some context to this second encounter with our characters)! Thanks guys!

Check out Bang & Burn here! and be sure to follow Locke and Caroline on twitter.

NEWS! My online store is open! Finally! Shop comics and skull flower goodies here! I’ll put up originals as I make them, but this is about what the stock will be until I finally get around to making those dang skull flower pins… hmm! I’ll also have a snazzy button on the side bar over there for the store soon.

Also, it’s the beginning of the month, so I must remind you that I have a patreon–which allows supporters to toss a couple bucks at me each month in return for early pages, and allows me to put so much time into this comic. So thank you! And if you aren’t a patron yet, consider pledging! It means so much!